Shop Local Saturday Business Participant List

Shop Local Saturday Business Owner To Do List

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To Do List for the all important Holiday season


  • Decorate your windows/store/business
  • Plan your event for Shop Local Saturday (Examples: offer gift wrap, hot cider and cookies, live music, 20% off green, red, or blue items, free scrub with mani/pedi, make overs, give-aways, extended hours, special holiday drink or meal, % to a charity or school, or all of the above!)
  • Pledge a gift card donation to the raffle, if you would like
  • Email Eda details what you are doing on Sat and if you have a Gift Card amount to donate for the raffle
  • Send an email blast or newsletter to your customers and include the 2 graphics above, or send one now and one later. (Download arrow in lower right corner or drag onto your desktop first) BID sponsored ads: The blue one is a full page IJ ad in both the Nov and Dec Holiday Guides with more details, and it includes 50K digital ads running, the red one is a 1/4 page Pacific Sun and Bohemian ad, also in Nov and Dec.
  • Your Block-Captain will bring you a red flyer. Please tape by your register/check out and in your window ASAP! You may print out blue one if you like.
  • Enjoy the Festive Season!

RAFFLE & Donation Information

Please read all these important details!!!

Here's the deal:

  1. Pledge Gift Card donations (if you want to 🙂 - any amount or item
  2. Print out raffle tickets, write Business Name on back of each RAFFLE TICKETS
  3. Collect entries when your customers spend $50+

Details below:

As you see above, we are advertising that folks can enter a drawing to receive a Gift Card when they spend over $50 at your business. To keep this simple, we are asking that you print out and collect the entries. (If anyone argues that they should be given an entry, just give them for details.) You may use any small jar, box, or basket to collect them. Here is a template to print out, RAFFLE TICKETS. Be sure to put your Business Name on the back, so we'll know whose customers won! Make sure you can read the phone number AND add those emails to your customer list!

Your block captain or Eda will pick up entry tickets Monday 11/26 and winners will be drawn and notified by phone.

The amount of winners, depends on the amount of Gift Cards YOU and your neighboring businesses pledge. (Ex: $, free appetizer, free class, free mani, free consulting, etc.) You will keep the Gift Card/Certificate there at your place of business, so that the winner will come to your store to collect (and spend!) it. This will expose folks who shop in other types of stores, or in other parts of Downtown or the West End to your wonderful business! Therefore, it is a great marketing tool for you to give!

Your business and your Gift Card offer will be listed on our Website and Facebook page, if you let us know right away. Large donations may be featured. Please reply asap to get maximum exposure! Thanks for your generosity!

Email Eda at

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