Supporting Economic Vitality for Small Business Owners – $10,000 Grant, Deadline April 7

Supporting Economic Vitality for Small Business Owners

In partnership with American Express, the Backing Small Businesses grant program supports economically vulnerable and under-resourced small businesses with community reach. This year, eligible small business owners can apply for $10,000 grants for projects that grow or improve their businesses by building community, supporting their economic viability, or bolstering meaningful change.

Applications will be accepted from March 14, 2024, through April 7, 2024. The application period will end once 5,000 applications have been submitted, even if that occurs before the deadline.

Your business must operate in a “brick-and-mortar” location in an older or historic main street, downtown or commercial district in the United States or U.S. territories. We define this as a contiguous commercial district with businesses and mixed-use buildings along a commercial corridor. Home-based businesses and businesses located within a coworking or similar shared commercial space, even those in historic neighborhoods, are not eligible. Brick-and-mortar businesses located outside of historic downtowns and commercial corridors, including, but not limited to, office parks and shopping malls are also not eligible.  Nonprofits cannot apply.