Free Parking on Weekends A + C Street Garages

Free Weekend Parking in A Street & C Street Garages

City of San Rafael Downtown Parking Guide

Parking Office:

Jim Myhers, Parking Services Manager
(415) 458-5333

Contact us

1400 5th Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901


Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm-3:00pm
Monday/Wednesday/ Friday: By appointment only
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Downtown San Rafael Parking

We installed more bike racks throughout downtown San Rafael.

new bike racks

Before you head out or when you get to downtown, use this map of bike racks to find a place to lock your wheels up!

Suggested Use: If you need to extend your meter time, pay for the first two hours by credit card: enter the parking zone (on green label on parking meter) into your park mobile app, for later use.  If you need to exceed the 2-hour limit on your parking meter, simply activate your park mobile app and add time - up to an additional two hours.  

Parking Meters & Rates

With over 7,000 daytime employees, managing parking in our historic downtown is challenging.

Parking meters are designed to create a regular turnover of spaces, making convenient parking available on every block for those who choose convenience and are willing to pay more for that convenience.

On-street parking is metered at $1.50 per hour, with a current limit of 2-hours.

Downtown has two convenient garages, and the first hour in the garages is free with a parking validation from downtown merchants. 

Parking lots, scattered throughout downtown are the most affordable option, at $.75 per hour.

Do yourself a favor and avoid a citation for an expired meter by parking in a garage or parking lot.

Parking Rates

  • Meter rates for all on-street meters: $1.50 per hour
  • Meter rates in off-street lots: 0.75¢ per hour
  • Parking rates for A & C Streets garages: $1.00 per hour to $10.00 maximum

Questions about parking and purchasing permits?

Please call City of San Rafael Parking Services

Employee & Resident Parking

If you are working downtown without employer-provided parking, be sure to utilize one of the following long-term parking programs:

If you park downtown fewer than 5 days per week:

Purchase a frequent-parker card, which gives you parking in garages for 50 cents per hour!

Frequent Parker Card: $25.00 p/card.

(For City garages at A & C Streets ONLY).

Card gives 50% off parking rate for 12 months.

If you park 5 or more days per week, purchase a Monthly Parking Permit.

Monthly Permits and Frequent Parker Cards

Monthly Parking Rates: $73.00 p/month (For City garages at A & C streets ONLY). Click here for more info.

"A St." Garage is located at: 951 A St. San Rafael, CA 94901
"C St." Garage is located at: 900 C St. San Rafael, CA 94901

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of San Rafael has electrical vehicle chargers available to the public in three (3) parking locations. 

The EV chargers, located in our parking facilities at 3rd/A St., 3rd/C St. and 3rd/Cijos St. lot, are available for free to any of our parking customers. Customers visiting a downtown business are encouraged to use the vehicle chargers, which are part of San Rafael’s continuing commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions. Additional information, including links showing station location, availability and cost is available on Map of Downtown Parking above.


For information about Electrical Vehicle Chargers in San Rafael, including location, availability and cost, click on any of the following links. Smart phone applications such as Plug Share and Recargo are also sources for electrical charger information. The charging stations are located in the garages as indicated on the map with the "G" symbol.


Transportation and SMART Train Info/Parking

Located 16 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Downtown San Rafael is easily accessible by public transit, car & bicycle.

All About Downtown Parking

Plan your trip with Public Transit

Explore Carma for Ride Sharing with other Downtown San Rafael workers.

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Stations

Transit Connections

The San Rafael Bettini Transit Center is located one block away from the SMART station. For SMART riders using a Clipper card, free shuttle service to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal is available as part of your SMART fare via Golden Gate Transit Route 31.

Bike Facilities
Bike storage available, racks and lockers.
Nearby public parking available. Passenger Drop-off/Pick-up Zone.