Dressing Up Empty Store Windows

The BID and Downtown San Rafael Arts District have joined  forces to showcase local artwork and dress up empty retail spaces.

In our first project, artist Lynn Sondag created whimsical fall trees that blend beautifully with the surroundings. See her work at 1200 4th Street, at the corner of B (old Rafael Jewelers).

Special thanks to:

  • artist Lynn Sondag
  • materials sponsor Dominican University
  • realtor Dirck Brinckerhoff, HL Properties
  • Chen Properties, LLC

To make it easy for the property owner, Lynn printed her work on vinyl and applied it to the outside of the windows. She didn’t need to enter the building and the art can be removed easily at the end of the showing.

We’re working on expanding the program. If you have contacts or suggestions for more downtown locations, please get in touch with our team.