Dancing Under the Lights – A New Celebration and Pivot

dutl 24

February 29, 2024

BID Members


Dear BID Members,

It is with great excitement that we introduce, Dancing Under The Lights (DUTL).

The purpose of introducing Dancing Under The Lights is to showcase our next step from the former Dining Under The Lights.

Dining Under The Lights was a very important part of bringing community back to Downtown as businesses were slowly allowed to reopen during the Pandemic.  Join us in celebrating our next step of bringing joy and excitement back to Downtown by pivoting to Dancing Under The Lights.

This one-day extravaganza promises to outshine its predecessor with its grander scale and enhanced offerings. We listened to the feedback and have curated an event that is bigger, better, and bursting with the spirit of our community.

The new and enhanced version of DUTL will offer fun for the whole family in the Heart of Downtown's 4th Street.

Sincerely yours,


San Rafael BID