Meet Your Neighbors

Introducing a new feature, where you’ll find the stories of members of the Downtown San Rafael business neighborhood.

Pam Dixon, Co-manager Friends Books San Rafael

Meet Your Neighbor: Friends Books

By Downtown San Rafael | February 11, 2020

How long has the bookstore existed? We’re going into our 12th year. The same group of people who work at the store now were the ones who started out years ago, doing sales on the library lawn and in the library meeting room. What is the purpose of the store? We support library programs. After our expenses, 25% goes into savings for our future library and 75% is available for funding library projects. For example,…

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Owner, San Rafael's Salon B, Bishlam Bullock

Meet Your Neighbor: Salon B

By Downtown San Rafael | September 12, 2019

886 4th Street, San Rafael

Owners: Bishlam and Amy Bullock

What’s the hardest lesson you learned in starting a business?

To not run my business all the time. It’s hard to take my hands off the wheel sometimes, and let it evolve the way it wants to. The business will tell you what it needs…

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Meet Your Neighbors: Rebound Bookstore

By Downtown San Rafael | July 22, 2019

1611 4th Street, West End Village, San Rafael

Who are your customers?

We have walk-in neighbors and tourists from around the world and the Bay Area. Many people look for book shops when they travel and locals consider a book shop a mainstay. Saturday morning the store is usually filled with families from the neighborhood with their kids. It looks like a daycare center…

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