Billposting & Signs on Public Property Prohibited

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The Downtown San Rafael Volunteer of the Year, Tom, spends countless hours removing signs, posters, and ads from our street poles and newspaper holders.  Please share the below San Rafael Municipal Ordinance with anyone you see posting on public property.

8.12.080 - Billposting and signs on public property prohibited.

No person shall paint, mark, write on, post, paste or in any manner affix any sign, bill, poster, notice or matter of any kind whatever to or upon any city property, park or public place, any streetlight standards or any sidewalk, hydrant, or any tree in or thereupon within the city, except as specifically permitted under Section 14.19.020pertaining to public kiosks and bus shelters. These prohibitions do not extend to notices that are legally required to be posted under federal, state, local or judicial regulations.

14.19.080 - Prohibited signs.

  1. Signs affixed to public structures and/or signs located in the public right-of-way, including, but not limited to telephone poles, light standards and utility fixtures, posts and fences.