Meet Tom Harrison, Tireless Volunteer Tackling Litter & Graffiti in Downtown


Take a stroll in downtown San Rafael and you’re bound to spot volunteer Tom Harrison quietly tackling eyesores that many people walk right by: litter and graffiti. Tom has been volunteering with the City since 2015, and over the years he’s consistently helped with litter abatement in various neighborhoods. Last summer, he began a new “hobby”: removing graffiti and stickers from public surfaces. Since then, Tom has spent more than 200 hours removing graffiti and stickers from trash cans, streetlights, fire hydrants, parking meters and traffic control boxes. Tom is also a mapmaker and has contributed to our illegal dumping project by mapping dumping locations and all our City trash cans. Tom’s selfless contributions help keep San Rafael clean, contributing to the economic vitality of the 4th street corridor. Next time you see Tom beautifying public spaces, be sure to thank him for his ongoing service to our community!