alterTheater presents Ghosts of Bogotá by Diana Burbano

AlterTheater is opening their new play at 1200 4th Street, the old Rafael Jewelers corner. Folks can "Window-Shop Theater" as they walk by from January 29th - February 23rd and you and your customers can take in a show after work. Thanks to Chen Properties for offering the space!

Join the BID, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, February 5th, for a reception from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, with the performance beginning at 7:30 pm. For a discounted ticket ($25) to the reception and performance, plus a free glass of wine/beer, use the discount code: BID25 and get your tickets HERE.


AlterTheater has been providing local Pop-Up plays in Downtown San Rafael for 15 years. They are making  theater more accessible to the non-theatergoing public by producing compelling works in places where people are, and are reconnecting folks with the unique power of intimate, immediate storytelling.They are hoping to become a permanent resident company of San Rafael.

Here’s the list of performances: Dates

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