Overhead Criss Cross Tivoli Lights On 4th Street

4th street lights

Downtown Lighting 2020

Checkout our bright new permanent light installation Downtown.

Fun facts:

The Fourth Street corridor contains more than a mile of light at about 5,400+/- linear feet and the lights are 2 feet apart so there are more than 2,700 lights!

The twinkle tree lights served us well for many years. They were originally installed in 2009 along Fourth Street. Since that time, the trees have continued to mature causing the wires that power the lights to break and need regular repairs. The lights themselves are also thinning as more and more failed over time.

The new Tivoli lights are suspended from the streetlights by a cable. They are LED so they are very energy efficient and will last for many years to come. Each light can be replaced individually as part of an annual maintenance program so they will remain attractive well into the future.

This modern upgrade makes Downtown sparkle again. The strands create a cohesive connection to the existing Tivoli lights which the City added to the West End strip in 2019. The lights now extend all the way down Fourth Street to the Smart Station, updating the look, brightness and vibrancy of our Downtown. The BID has continuously championed these overhead lights and we are very thankful to the City and the SR Public Works Department!